The filtration » 5 • Mechanical filtration systems:

5 • Mechanical filtration systems:

Mechanical filtration systems by us manufactured include screen filters, hydrocycone, steady quartzite filters, discs steady filters (tangential flow), disc dynamic filters...



Mechanical filtration systems by us manufactured include:

  • Screen filters:
    Advised for waters with inorganic residuals. It is usually matched with quartzite or hydrocyclone filters. In case of clean waters they can be used alone. The liquid is filtered while going through an inside polyester net. They require constant maintenance.
    Use pressure: minimum 6 bar (see screen filters)
  • Hydrocycone Filters (or centrifugal sand-removers, or centrifugal separators or vortex filters) advised for very sandy waters or with solid slag (well waters).
    Separation between sand or slag (the heaviest) and water is carried out through centrifugal force. The suspended material is settled on the outside walls, convoyed towards the bottom, collected inside a proper collection bath, then canalised and expelled outside. If used in the proper way they do not require maintenance because they do not have any filtering elements. They can filtrate up to 80-90% sandy material.
    Use pressure: minimum 2 bar (see- Hydrocyclone Filters)
  • Steady quartzite filters: (or sand filters, or grit filters or filtering bed filters)
    Ideal for filtration of waters containing micro-organisms, algae, light solids (surface waters). Basically they are capacious containers filled up with quartzite grit. The liquid, conveyed towards the bottom by gravity force, is forced to go through the grit layer keeping the impurity. The finer the grit, the better filtration rate will be, even though in proportional ways back-washing and maintenance interventions increase. Basically this system imitates the natural filtering process in soil and the kept substances in the first superficial part increase the efficiency of the successive layers. You can use these filters as individual or in batteries.
    When used in batteries, the back-washing takes place in alternative way during the filtration cycle and with clean liquid coming from the system itself (see Arena Filter).
    The back-washing is indispensable to keep the pressure difference between inlet and outlet (at least 1 bar)
    At the beginning you can usually add a Hydrocyclone Filter for a first filtration from solid residuals.
    At the end you can add a screen safety filter
    Operation pressure: minimum 8 bar
  • Discs steady filters (tangential flow)
    Main characteristic: in respect to their dimension they offer a wide filtering surface ensured by the system of polyester filtering discs for the liquid filtration (see discs filtration) and the overage-high flow rate in lt/min of filtered liquid.
    Excellent discs filtration, simple use, minimum maintenance thanks to the self-cleaning system which takes place with the same liquid to be filtered and without interrupting the filtration cycle (see Junior Filters)
    They can be used in single and battery version.
    Minimum use pressure: 1,5 bar, optimal pressure: 2 bar
  • Disc dynamic Filters (tangential flow combined with filtering group rotation)
    Ideal for big flow rates, they can be used in individual or battery version. They are characterised by the wide filtering surface ensured by the polyester discs system for the liquid filtration (see discs filtration) and by the high flow rate lt/min of filtered liquid. We combine to the forced discs filtration the rotation movement of the discs themselves which can be generated by the fluid pressure itself or by an electric motor. In the “hydraulic motor” version they can also work without electricity, thus they are ideal for installations in places where this is lacking.
    They come with a forced back-washing system which ensures operation long lasting and the total maintenance lack (see Professional Filters).
    They can be used in individual and battery version
    Minimum use pressure: 1,5 ba. Optimal pressure: 2 bar


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